Why You Should Attend a Cyclocross Camp, by Frank Overton & John Verheul May 2014

Our 5th annual cyclocross camp starting August 29th in Boulder, CO is a single turnkey solution for cyclocross skills & training.  From beginners to pros we'll cover everything you need to learn and work on to have a great cyclocross season.

First, Jeremy Powers is back for the 4th year in a row!  Jeremy has a real passion for teaching cyclocross and even better he's good at it.  Not only is he the current and 2 time National Champion, but he's a great coach and one that'll make you laugh while you dial in your cyclocross technique.

Second, our camp is in August (!) before the ‘cross season. The benefit here is that you can learn all the skills, get your bike set up, see what you need to do for training, and then you’ve still got time to train and work on the skills your learned before the season starts.

Third, we are going to teach you how to be smooth at dismounting and remounting so that its second nature.  Then, perhaps even more importantly, we are really going to work on CORNERING.  Cornering Cornering cornering! 

Fourth, we’re doing optional Retul cyclocross specific bike fits! In the past, folks would just show up at a camp or clinic on whatever, and we’d try to make sure they were on an adequate setup, but here we’re really going to do full fits – the kind of fit you’d travel hours and plunk down good money for. Proper fit and setup are so crucial in cyclo-cross. 

Fifth, physiological testing is optionally available for you to determine your Functional Threshold Power (a must for power-based training) & heart rate training zones.  Even better if you sign up before May 31st, you receive a FREE custom 12 week cyclocross specific training program – perfect for your Summer Cyclocross training.

Finally, we have extremely experienced cyclocross coaches! John Verheul is back for the 5th year in a row, bringing the experience of having coached world class athletes like Jeremy Powers, Danny Summerhill and Marc Gullickson, in addition to national champions in various age groups, as well as multiple U.S. World Championship team members. John's been running ‘cross camps and clinics for the last decade, and has continually enhanced and improved his cyclocross coaching skills.

Frank Overton and the FasCat Coaches have been hosting this cyclocross camp 5 years now and holding clinics in Boulder for cyclocross athletes just like you.  Really getting down to the nuts and bolts of cross with coaching that helps you.  Plus they have truly unique performance center in Boulder, with unparalleled training expertise all under one roof ready to host you. 

Last of all, we have a wonderful partner in our neighbor shop, Boulder Cycle Sport. BCS is one of the premiere cyclocross shops in the country, and the staff there are all very ‘cross knowledgeable. They can tell you exactly what you need to optimize your rig, and by working with them and getting set up in August, you’ve got time to get everything together. No more wondering if those mud tires will be available in time for the first wet race weekend.  Also, BCS owner Brandon Dwight is an elite ‘crosser and multi-time national champion.

In short, you’re going to get a turnkey cyclocross solution:

1. Meet, learn and getted coached by the best: Jeremy Powers

2. Skills Practice: check

2. Optional Cyclocross Bike Fit: check

3. Equipment Clinic with Jeremy and his ace mechanice, Tom Hopper: check

4. Optional Physiological Testing: check, and an

5. Optional Individualized Training Plan: check CHECK!

Our Jeremy Powers Cyclocross camp has everything you need to make your 2014 ‘cross season a huge success! You’re going to get it at a time of year that’s early enough to really work the training plan and practice the skills, but also close enough to ‘cross season that you’re not going to forget what you learn. As an added bonus, you’ll meet more people who are as passionate about ‘cross as you, you’ll get some great meals in Boulder, and you’ll be super-amped to get ready for the 2014 season!
To reserve your spot click call or email.  We look forward to launching your 2014 CycloCross Campaign!!
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