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Our Cyclocross Coaching Plans are priced on 'how much of a coach' that you want:  an all incusive 'lot' or a budget minded 'little'.  All are an incredible value.  Additional price factors are coached skills practices: daily, weekly, monthly or if you don't want them at all.  And of course, we are staunch believers in the benefits of training with power; therefore frequency of power data review is taken into account as well.  Last but certainly not least is the amount of communication you'd like: again, a lot or a little.  Think in terms of daily and in person to daily, weekly & monthly.
Options Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Cost /4 week training block  150  225 300 450
Start up Fee  75 110
150  200
Suitable For Athletes that do not want coached skills practice (especially remote athletes) Local Athletes that want some coached skills practice or Remote athlete that want to train w/ power & video analysis
Local Athlete that wants regular hands on coached skill practice & to leverage power based training by real time monitoring Local Athlete that wants weekly hands on coached skills practice + race day coaching
Remote Athlete Skills Practice
n/a   video   video video
Local Athlete Skills Practice assessement at start up
monthly weekly weekly + race day
Power Based Training  x  x  x  x
Power Data Review
 weekly  weekly & daily daily  in real time
Communication Frequency  monthly   weekly  weekly  daily
Physiological Testing
discounted pre-season
2 tests: pre & mid-season
Off Season Training Program
x x x x
10% Discount on ALL Camps & Clinics, Bike Fits, PowerMeters, Lab Testing, & Indoor Cycling Classes x x x x
"A" Race Support  

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