All the Coaches at FasCat have been hand selected by Frank Overton and are part of a collaborative coaching environment at the FasCat Performance Center.  In other words, we work as a team & draw on each other's experience.  Additionally, FasCat Coaches stand apart from the rest based on four criteria:

1. Level 2 USA Cycling Certified Coaches or higher

2. Category 2/Semi-Pro Racer or higher

3. Professional career coaches where coaching is our # 1 focus.  

4. Extensive experience training & racing and coaching athletes with powermeters


Frank Overton, Head Coach

Frank founded FasCat Coaching in 2002, has been a full time coach since 2004 and a USA Cycling Level 1 coach since 2006.  His educational background includes a degree in Physiology from North Carolina State University.  To this day it is a dream come true for Frank to be able to help cyclists as a coach.

Frank raced competitively first as a mountain biker and then as a category 1 roadie for 10 years.  Drawing on his mountain bike strengths, he was a good a road cyclist but excelled in time trials.  After the 2005 season, he "retired" to dedicate more energy to being a coachand a family man.  This allowed Frank to take on projects like working for the Priority Health Professional Cycling Team in 2006 as well as the US National Team in Europe for 2007.

Frank started training with power in 2001 and couldn't have become the athlete or the coach, he is today without such a training tool.  Power Based Training allows him to utilize my sport science background to maximize athletic performance in ways that just not possible without it.  

Training with power is a large part of FasCat's Coaching philosophy but not the end all.   FasCat teaches athlete's how to race and perform, yet still relies heavily on getting to know the athlete.  Frank draws from his own experiences as a racer & a coach to help his athletes and all FasCat athletes.  Frank uses a hands on approach to motivate athletes by showing them what they are capable of.  See more of Frank's qualifications here.

Dr. Dave Morris, Ph.D  Senior Associate Coach

Dave Morris was one of the original cycling coaches in the US before cycling coaching went mainstream.  Dave got into cycling coaching thru his work with USA Cycling's Sport Science Division preparing the US Team for the 1996 Olympics:  "Project '96". Dave began coaching elite level athletes after the '96 Olympics including FasCat's founder, Frank Overton.  "Performance Cycling", pictured left, represents all of Dave's coaching methodologies that we use to this day.  Dave has come full circle back to coaching after he received his Ph.D in Exercise Physiology from the University of New Mexico.  He also is an Associate Professor of Exercise Science at Appalachian State in Boone, NC.

To get in touch with Dave please email him at dave@fascatcoaching.com 

Jake Rytlewski, Associate Coach

Coach Jake grew up racing in Michigan as a junior doing local training races against Tour De France racer Frankie Andreu. Knowing he also wanted to be a pro, he accepted a cycling scholarship to collegiate powerhouse Marian University. While at Marian he went on to win the Midwest Collegiate Cycling Conference 4 years in a row, finished 2nd at Collegiate Road Nationals in 2005, spent a summer racing in Belgium, accepted his first pro contract with the Advantage Benefits Cycling Team, and all the while earned a degree in Sports Management. During Jake's racing career he started coaching athletes thru his passion for data driven power based training. Jake also has coaching experience as an assistant coach with his alma mater Marian College coaching athletes on the track and road. For 2014, Jake has retired from professional cycling to be a full time cycling coach in Boulder, CO at the FasCat Performance Center.

To get in touch with Coach Jake please email him at jake@fascatcoaching.com

Nadia Sullivan, Associate Coach & Women's Cycling Program Manager

Nadia grew up in Colorado as a competitive swimmer and picked up mountain biking while attending college in Washington State. After moving back to Colorado with her young family, she got a road bike and jumped into racing. She was soon racing across Colorado and the west and worked her way up the ranks to a Cat. 2. As a Level II Certified USA Cycling Coach, Nadia is  knowledgeable in power-based training and the FasCat Coaching methodology.   

 Nadia his passionate about helping athletes achieve their goals. She has been coaching cyclists and triathletes in fitness and technique for several years. Bring her your goals and determination and she'll handle the rest!

To learn more about Nadia's coaching please email her at nadia@fascatcoaching.com
Jason Hilimire, Senior Associate Coach

Jason is the first successful "Apprentice" candidate chosen over a long list of well qualified coaches.  Since Jason is a former FasCat athlete he knows the inner workings of FasCat's coaching style and attention to detail.

Jason relocated from Rochester, NY to work for FasCat in Boulder, CO.  As a Level II Certified USA Cycling Coach, Jason is  knowledgeable in power-based training and the FasCat methodology.    Jason is a Pro level Mountain Biker and Category 2 Road Racer, with a primary focus on endurance mountain bike racing.

With Jason's coaching experience, knowledge about training with power and its application to mountain bike racing, he will be an asset to any cyclist's performance.

To learn more about Jason's coaching please email him at jason@fascatcoaching.com

Carson Christen, Exercise Physiologist & Associate Coach

Carson grew up in Cedar Rapids, Iowa with a background in swimming and cycling. 12 years of competitive swimming ended as a member of the Luther College Men’s Swimming Team. After swimming, Carson’s focus switched to competitive cycling and progressed through the ranks to his current category 2 status. Carson finished his undergraduate degree at Luther College with majors in Biology and Exercise Science. To further his education, Carson moved down the road to the University of Northern Iowa where he recently received his Master of Exercise Physiology. As a new Boulder resident, Carson will compete in triathlons as well as continuing to race road and Cyclocross.

Carson is a current USA Cycling Level 3 and USA Swimming Level 1 certified coach. He has a big interest in exercise physiology and enjoys researching different methods of increasing sport performance as an athlete. As an exercise physiologist, Carson will be in charge of the performance testing in the FasCat Exercise Physiology Lab. He specializes in coaching road/cyclocross and triathletes.

To get in touch with Carson please email him at carson@fascatcoaching.com 


Melissa Ross, Apprentice Coach

Melissa is known as the "cowgirl cyclist" as she was born and raised in Wyoming.  In the spring of 2008, Melissa spent a month in Europe racing with the USA Cycling women's development team. After graduating from the University of Wyoming with a bachelors in art, Melissa returned to Europe and spent the entire season as a privateer, riding with many non-English speaking teams and living off dimes. It was the adventure of a lifetime. Melissa is married to Aaron (also a FasCat Athlete from Wyoming and who proposed on a bike ride!) where they both work at Faster in Scottsdale, AZ. For the past 3 years, Melissa has raced at the professional level with Team Kenda presented by Geargrinder. 

Melissa is a USA Cycling Level 2 cycling coach and has an incredible desire to help other people reach their full potential and bring the passion of cycling into their lives. She has worked with serious athletes, businessmen, & moms with hectic schedules. Melissa loves empowering individuals to not only improve their fitness and overall quality of life, but also showing them how fun the process of training for cycling can be.

For more information, contact Melissa at melissa@fascatcoaching.com

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