Level 2 with Jason Hilimire, Jon Tarkington, Jeff Winkler, Carson Christen, Melissa Ross or Nadia Sullivan
Level 2 coaching is FasCat's premier power based coaching program. Utilizing your daily power files and extensive coach-athlete communication, your coach will custom tailor each 4 week block of your training. Harnessing all of FasCat’s tools, we'll make sure you hit the start line poised for your best performances ever.

• This is our top of the line POWER BASED Coaching
• Daily Power Data Review
• Daily workouts delivered in a monthly calendar format
• Race specific workouts: recovery, intervals, power & pre-event preparation
Field Testing to set wattage & heart rate zones for zones specific workouts
• Available Extensively by email or phone for questions, adjustments, etc...
• Free initial coaching consultation
• Comprehensive previous power data review

Start up fee: $110
Total Cost: $225/4 weeks

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