Boulder, CO Climbing Camp, June 5th - 8th

4 Day Climbing Camp with the FasCat Coaches in Boulder, CO showcasing the finest canyon climbs, rides and high altitude training that the heart of the Boulder, CO cycling community has to offer. 

During our Climbing Camp you will enjoy:

1. Retul 3D Bicycle Fitting

2. 4 Nights Lodging at the Holiday Inn Express (across the street from the FasCat Performance Center)

3. 3 Team Dinners in downtown Boulder in our thriving restaurant scene

4. Determine your Functional Threshold Power  (Field Testing, Day 1)

5. See your test data and your power based wattage zones

6. Learn how to perform wattage based intervals

6. Have your ride data, downloaded and analyzed in power based software by the FasCat Coaches

7. Learn about the benefits of training with power and understand how to use a powermeter

8. Have the opportunity to buy a PowerMeter at 20% off

Visit FasCatPowerMeters.com for more information about the PowerMeter

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